Amanda Connors

Amanda Connors is a freelance theatre director based in New York City. Her work focuses on ensemble-driven physical theatre. She won best director for her direction of The Facebook Fighter at the SoundBites Festival at Signature as well as for Space Voyage: The Musical Frontier. She has directed at the Argyle Theatre, the SoundBites Festival at Signature (in NYC), Theatre Row, MTF, Pace University, HERE and cities around Wisconsin and assisting at Second Stage, Signature (Arlington), the Guthrie, the O'Neill and Cal Shakes. She was in the Manhattan Theatre Club Directing Fellowship program, a recipient of the SDCF Directing Observership and an alumna of Directors Lab North and Directors Lab West. Training includes certifications with the SAFD (unarmed, smallsword, sword and shield, quarterstaff, rapier and dagger, knife, and broadsword), the University of Wisconsin-Madison (degrees in theatre and journalism) and the National Theater Institute.